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Thinking of a Road Trip – think about a SP1KE™ Car Cushion!

The more expensive the car, the more comfortable your car seat feels, right?

It DOES makes sense. If you pay a lot for a vehicle, then you expect more options for seat adjustments so that your back, butt and legs feel MOST comfortable while driving.  (AND that your ride is pain-free).

But then your husband suggests a road trip, a LONG road trip.  Yup!  He wants to start in Halifax and drive to Vancouver! 5790 glorious kms sitting in a car!  At first it sounds fun, lol. Until he tells you that he only has 2 weeks off. Yikes! A LOT of driving AND a lot of SITTING!

THIS is when you’re going to wish you had a SP1KE™ car cushion on your seat, trust me! That soft car seat is going to turn into the car seat from hell and you’re not going to be a “happy camper” (as the saying goes).

You see, the problem with car seats, even in high end cars, is that although they have made some advancements in seat comfort (mostly as it relates to electric adjustability in premium seating), the principal design criteria for automotive seating completely focus on meeting crash safety standards, and where else would you sit in an almost frozen position for hours on end unable to truly move about?

Seats structured for optimizing driving positions do not work nearly as well for maintaining proper spinal alignment. Typically, they tilt back more than regular seating and place additional loading onto your back without refined lumbar support and have head rests that in order to protect you in a crash tilt and force your head/neck forward (not exactly the way a “sitting” spine would best stay aligned).  Yet, these are the “good seats” – what about that well-aged 2005 Honda Civic (no offense Honda), that’s probably been in a couple of accidents that you buy for your teenage son who just got his license? And then YOU have to borrow it cause your battery dies and you’re late for an important meeting. The seat feels like grandpa’s broken down lazy boy recliner. You drive 40 minutes each way to your appointment. That night you’re tortured with back spasms and have trouble sleeping. 🙁

Our SP1KE™ cushions are designed to fit the vast majority of car & truck seats. They have an open structure that tends to still allow the aesthetics of your chosen car interior to show through. Of course, we only have a select number of colours and they may not perfectly match your car’s interior, so you may have to decide whether to worry more about how your seats look or YOUR “SEAT” feels? Get it? Your car seats won’t care – but your OWN seat, back, legs and neck will definitely thank you for making the right decision.

And there are other benefits to SP1KE™ car seat cushions that you will be thankful for, beyond improving spinal alignment. Think about sitting on a frozen leather seat in subzero temperatures in the morning. It’s like sitting on a chunk of ice. Now try SP1KE™.

No matter how cold it gets outside or how hot for that matter; it keeps the chill and heat away from your body. Not only do you “float” on the Sp1ke tips above the seat surface with the air flowing around your body – but more importantly it activates your blood circulation to keep you  comfortable. That’s the way your body naturally deals with temperature extremes. SP1KE™ breathable car cushions also greatly reduce sweating to keep you consistently warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Everyone remembers those beaded seat covers from the 60’s with the wooden balls, right? I think every cab driver in New York had one on their seat! Some drivers used the beads and threw a sheepskin cover (I know, not exactly something you would do today!) over the beads to soften the seat. Did it work? Well, yes. These crazy beaded seats DID enhance circulation and kept you cool. But they were HORRIBLY uncomfortable.

Not SP1KE™. It feels like you are floating on a pillow with 100’s of soft hands massaging your butt. 😊 So, you are comfortable, cool or warm (depending on the season), and your spine from your tailbone to the top of your neck – IS aligned.

Get SP1KE™  – it’s not JUST for people with problems or injuries, or for older people, uncool people (it actually looks SUPER cool); It’s for everyone and it’s inexpensive “Preventative Maintenance” if your focus is to keep yourself healthy from a young age!

Ask us for an in-person demo – we’d love to meet you and we love to have YOU talk about SP1KE™ to you friends and colleagues!

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