Pain Relief

It’s time for a little relief.

You are here because you are looking for RELIEF – from pain associated with a lifestyle or activity that you simply cannot just STOP and therefore feel better. Dr Dr, it hurts when i press here…then stop pressing there!

That’s not you. You sit for an extended amount of time in the day. You can’t change that. That leads to poor posture. That leads to pain. That leads to poor performance. And that leads to so many other things… So let’s see why you are in pain, what is the cause and maybe then you can see a way out.

But first, let’s set the table. If you are going to find RELIEF, then there are 3 BELIEFS that must be met. We call it the “SP1KE ™” journey – and we invite you to come with us on this journey!

Whoa!! Seriously, what’s this person talking about?? Beliefs??? I just want to buy a seat cushion that will relieve my pain – there’s SO many out there to choose from!!! Not so fast. Let’s make sure that we are the RIGHT fit, for you and for us. It’s only an extra minute of your life on the way to such a change!

Firstly, you must BELIEVE in US. You must believe that we genuinely have your best interests at heart and that we can deliver what we promise. We are real, trustworthy, credible and we are truly different from all those other cushions making the same claims. We must earn your trust and respect by backing up those claims with PROOF.

We know what you are going through. We are too. And we have spent the better part of 10 years developing solutions for this very specific problem.

It’s time for us to earn your trust.

We have the Science to back up our Claim.

Click here for the really really deep down Science lesson.

Click here for the Top 3 Science Translations – you know, the Coles notes!

We have more global patents than you can imagine that ensure our time and monies spent will allow us to develop many future products.

Click here to see how serious we are about protecting our UNIQUE SP1KE ™ technologies.

We have the commitment. We are on a pain-free crusade, not just a quick sale. If you want a sneak peak at the pain and comfort solutions we are working on, click here.

Hopefully, we have convinced you to BELIEVE in US. WE can and we will relieve YOUR pain. Let’s move on.

Secondly, you must BELIEVE in YOURSELF. You must believe that you CAN! That you can take that first step, that you have the skills, energy, time, focus, even dollars. You have already spent time and energy looking for solutions elsewhere. Guess what though, many others just like you have walked this path and then discovered SP1KE ™… and they have shared their experiences here.

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Get a SP1KE ™ mat and save your back and feet!

You are not alone.

Lastly, you need to BELIEVE in the actual PRODUCT. You need to believe that this STUFF is the RIGHT STUFF, for YOU!

Let’s start by listing EXACTLY what SP1KE ™ does.

SP1KE ™ manages stress in the neck, back, buttocks, legs and feet accumulated from excess sitting and standing. SP1KE ™ relieves pain, even from conditions that have been going on for years – like sciatica, plantar fascitis, chronic back pain and diabetes.

How does it do this?

Well, that’s actually our UNIQUE MECHANISM. We are truly a different solution – and when see and feel and experience SP1KE ™ – you WILL be sold, we guarantee it.

SP1KE ™ is alive!

SP1KE ™ is “A Living, Moving, Breathable Cushion

SP1KE ™ is “A Living, Moving, Breathable Cushion”

WHY is it a “living cushion”? Because we designed it that way – to be DIFFERENT. We are NOT just another ME-TOO product.

  • SP1KE ™ molds to your unique form. SP1KE ™’s rods and tips will bend to take on the shape of EVERY single person that sits on it, based on their unique shape. No other cushion does this – SP1KE ™ touches, feels, assesses your shape and size and creates the best surface platform for YOU to enable your body to sit straighter, thus, taking pressure off your tailbone
  • SP1KE ™ “moves”; it “breathes”; “it is “sensitive” to each unique body shape and size; “it responds and adapts to its environment” – ALL basic characteristics of “living things”; it even “grows” as the elasticity will expand to support any shape.
  • No other cushion is designed with YOU in mind – only SP1KE ™. When you sit on a SP1KE ™ cushion, that cushion knows it’s YOU, as opposed to someone else – it creates a unique blueprint of your shape in order to give you the best support.
  • SP1KE ™ – “becomes YOU”. It’s not like memory foam where the product collapses into your shape, SP1KE ™ rods bend and the tips deflect to keep afloat and your body balanced ensuring that pressure does not build up around the coccyx/tailbone.
  • No other cushion out there has holes! (although others say they are “breathable” – they are NOT actually “ truly breathable” – we are the only ones with actual “holes”)
  • We are also the only cushion that you can sit, stand or lay on – as other gel cushions collapse and do not support your actual weight.

Oh to be ALIVE!

One last thing…

Posture, Pressure, Performance

Postural stress is the stress on our bodies as a result of inefficient posture, repetitive movements or prolonged time in the same positions; often as a result of work environments. It is difficult to maintain a perfect posture all of the time.

If you work in an office, you sit all day, if you drive a truck, you sit all day. Your legs get numb, your back hurts, your hips are constantly unbalanced putting unnecessary pressure on your lower back.

Pressure… that’s the key

Too much weight at the wrong angles for too long an amount of time. We need to be able to sit and stand straighter. We need to keep our spine in a natural, neutral position. We need to distribute our weight away from the tailbone and more evenly across the lower back. If we don’t do this then….PAIN!

And guess what – that is exactly what SP1KE ™ cushions and mats do!! And all you have to do is sit??? Yep, just sit and feel the love!

And this all leads to higher Performance…

Free from Pain means greater Performance, by YOU! You need to be at the top of your game when sitting and standing for such long periods of time. SP1KE ™ will help you perform better by promoting better posture and relieving pain and discomfort.

BUT wait, there’s more…

All SP1KE ™ products are water, sweat, mold & bacteria resistant and can be used in any indoor or outdoor environment. That’s right, in your car, boat, office, shower – anywhere where improving posture and relieving pressure will bring you relief! It’s that simple.

Well, that’s it. We have covered what we set out to cover. YOUR personal journey away from pain has begun. Just breathe!

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Get a SP1KE ™ mat and save your back and feet!

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