The Science: Coles Notes

Did you read the really geeky science stuff?

Just in case you got a little lost, here are 3 key points that may stick with you better. And these points are why we are so DIFFERENT from all those other “cushiony things.”

Claim #1

SP1KE ™ provides substantially less average and peak pressure that dynamically and progressively adjusts to changes in the load position and to total load from vibration and impact

Translation: adjustable tips move with your unique body to redistribute and reduce pressure away from vulnerable areas.

Claim #2

Naturally formed and broader pommels and bolsters comfortably contain the user as they immerse into the cushion, aiding body control and eliminating shearing/sliding.

Translation: SP1KE ™ tips naturally form to the user by providing a cushion that reacts to fit your unique shape keeping you in the right position – the cushion becomes a personal solution for each user.

Claim #3

SP1KE ™ completely eliminates the neurological and blood flow constriction points under the thighs that when seated contribute to discomfort, leg numbness and sciatica.

Translation: SP1KE ™ tips gently massage your body to stimulate blood flow and reduce nerve-ending pressure.

energy absorption path

Get a SP1KE ™ mat and save your back and feet!

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