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“These matts are incredible. I use them daily…. my clients, who sometimes sit for hours getting extensions done love them as well…. saves the buttocks, and back from being really tired. I have a lot of chronic pain and I can work because of these mats.
Thank you so much for them.

Allison VonBuelow
Hairdresser/Musician from Moore Park, California
“Rick has Parkinson’s and finds the SP1KE ™ cushion extremely helpful for eliminating and preventing pressure sores on his rear due to cycling on his recumbent tandem. He has used the SP1KE ™ cushion for over 20,000 kilometers and it has increased his ability to cycle for long periods of time significantly – we couldn’t

Jill and Rick Riewe
“I received the SP1KE ™ cushions and was so excited to try them out!! I took all 4 samples to the practice and shared them with the girls in my boat as we paddled everyone gave them a try. The reviews were outstanding!! All positive feedback for those who got a chance to try them,

Cathy Cantor
Dragon Boat rower - Georgina Flyers
“Having purchased them for my entire office, the SP1KE ™ cushion is a great compliment to the effort I make in achieving the best possible overall health along with exercising, playing hockey and eating clean on a daily basis? I can’t wait to see how far this product goes with already so many useful applications,

Guy Gauthier
Technical Sales Representative
“I have advanced Glaucoma and have had 2 eye surgeries with severely reduced vision and eye pain. I use SP1KE ™ daily in a number of applications. I massage my head and eye area to relieve headaches and eye pain with a small piece of SP1KE ™ several times a day. I lay on a

Dion Driscoll
Employee Advocate – Automotive Industry
“I use SP1KE ™ products all over the house because I love the comfort and feel of them! We have one in the shower that we stand on, it is nonslip and doesn’t absorb any mold and is the most comfortable surface you could imagine standing on in the shower. I use a seating SP1KE

Mack Jamieson
Warehouse worker/forklift driver – Yoga Instructor
“I love sitting on SP1KE ™ to meditate after a long day at work – it totally centers and relaxes me. I take my mat into the shower and stand on it every morning – it feels so nice under my feet and energizes my legs for my long work day ahead. Standing poses in

Ana Jelauc
Grocery Manager
“I am using SP1KE ™ as a seat cushion and anti-fatigue mat at work when I sort mail and one for driving the truck to deliver mail. Your physique stayed in one position when sorting mail and I have more energy and less leg sore standing on the mat. When driving in the summer, the

Steven Gorman
Canada Post Driver/Letter Carrier
“I am a marketing consultant who spends a significant number of hours sitting at my computer writing proposals. I have used a high end desk chair for many years, but have always had to deal with sore legs and back issues after siting for extended lengths of time – sometimes 10 – 12 hours at

Alastair Taylor
Taylor Made Consulting
“SP1KE ™ has been great for releasing pain and relieving tension. I’ve made a point of getting on the mat every morning and evening for a few minutes and I feel that after waking my feet stretch a lot quicker standing on the mat than on a flat surface. The one big change that I

Maria Tretiakova
Project Management Professional
“Superior product! I found the SP1KE ™ cushion especially helpful during my last trimester of pregnancy when I was the most sore. It helped relieve a lot of my back pain. It’s a great product to stand, sit or lie down on, it helps me relax more easily. My young son has one too and

Brandi Liles
Social Worker (Windsor, On.)
“I can’t believe the relief I got when introduced to SP1KE ™ cushions. Being immobile and using wheelchairs and scooters to get around was made so much more comfortable when sitting on a SP1KE ™ cushion. So light and easy to carry around too. I can’t thank SP1KE ™ enough for the difference it made

Charlie Milne
Photographer (Greenwood, N.S.)
“My SP1KE ™ cushion/mat has been a game changer. Whether I’m at the computer, meditating or playing music, it allows me to sit for focused periods without the usual discomfort. I also love to stand on it when I’m needing the come back to a more balanced and healthy posture. Highly recommend!”

Chris Assaad
Singer/Songwriter (Toronto)
“Just a few weeks ago, I started using the SP1KE ™ cushion in my office. What a difference it has made! I was in a car accident just over a year ago and am still having issues with my neck and upper and lower back. The SP1KE ™ cushion is helping me to sit up

Kim Criece-Reynolds
CEO & Publisher, Total Sports Magazine (Alliston)
“For a while now, every time I drive, my hip has been bothering me. Soreness and a feeling that it is unstable. Driving home last night on my SP1KE ™, I felt no pain!! I honestly couldn’t believe it. I’m also trying in out on a chair that I sit on when using the computer

Dave Percey
Office Manager
“I’m standing on the floor mat right now and as I dance to my friend’s drumming, I’m getting a pleasure motivated foot and soul massage! Thank you so much! I love SP1KE ™! It’s one of the most incredibly versatile products I’ve had the pleasure of using. I usually keep at least one SP1KE ™

Nick Dickerson
Freelance Musician
“I have been using a queen size SP1KE ™ mattress topper on my bed for more than 3 years now, replacing an expensive memory foam mattress topper. I have experienced several very significant changes since I started sleeping on SP1KE ™. After just a few weeks I noticed that my restless leg syndrome had markedly

Debra Hawkins
Senior Sales Manager (Toronto)
“I’m a senior who suffers from Neuropathy of the feet and lower legs. My doctors believe it originated from a combination of factors like being in an intensive Care Unit for 50 days, followed by renal failure and subsequent dialysis. A year later I had my second kidney transplant and an operation to repair an

Della R. Bayani
“I am a train operator on both the GO trains and the UP trains. My days are usually 10-11 hours of sitting in an operating cab. At times I find myself getting up in between stops to stand due to discomfort and sometimes numbing of my legs. With the SP1KE ™ cushion there is no

Jason Simmons
UP Express train operator
“As a pro-driver, being comfortable in your seat is one of the most essential parts of going fast. The guys at SP1KE ™ seats not only got me exactly where I wanted my optimal driving position, but their new technology helps increase blood flow to the body, which helps us drive longer. When it gets

Dion Von Moltke
M1GT Racing driver
“I was experiencing lower back and hip problems and saw the SP1KE ™ seat on Facebook and thought…why not give it a try? I felt the difference in my lower back and hips immediately. It has made a huge difference, so much so that I have one in my office, the kitchen, my couch and

Barb Pinsent
Mortgage Broker (Fort McMurray, Alta)
“I experimented with the mat on the plane home yesterday, sitting on it for the first leg of my flight to Iceland, and I was able to fall asleep for a lot of the flight without waking up much and this was without a neck pillow, (so I wasn’t disturbed by my head moving around).

Jon Archer
“SP1KE ™ structure has been designed to have 2 or 3 different aspects. The general cushioning of the material itself, added to that are these nubs that depress down and collapse sideways. The third aspect are the individual pieces that are interconnected which allows a certain amount of movement from piece to piece. It’s also

Dr. Andrew Dent
Executive Vice President, Research at Material ConneXion, New York

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