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Gentle & Continuous Massage for Comfort

Everyone knows the old saying – No Pain. No gain. It feels like we all bought it too, hook, line & sinker. We were taught to “suck it up”, cause that’s what tough guys do!

It’s kind of like that cough syrup (we all remember it…. LOL) – the one that says that if it doesn’t taste bad, it’s not working!

But as adults – we often forget to take care of ourselves first. And when we do feel pain, we rely on quick-fix band-aid solutions such as painkillers that that we think won’t mess with our daily routines. Then there comes a day (and it WILL come; it’s just a matter of “when”) that you can’t “just” suck it up anymore. It could be at any age; it doesn’t just happen to seniors anymore.

Then what? Well, then you’ve gotta find a resolution to what may have become a chronic predicament.

Are you just gonna live with that pain in your back? Is it ok if you can’t kneel anymore and you can barely bend over to tie your shoes? How many of your own friends have had knee replacements? Hip replacements? And the worst of it is, it seems to be an acceptable solution for so many when they’ve spent a lifetime of putting pressure on those precious ligaments and joints (ignoring the warning signs) to the point where they cannot function anymore.

These procedures essentially replace the damaged sections of the joint with parts made from metal, ceramic and very hard plastic in order to have the joint function again. But these replacement surgeries are certainly not without risks (blood clots; infections; nerve damage for example, not to mention a change in leg length resulting in one being longer than the other, which creates a whole new set of problems).

Alternatively, most people will start to seek out some form of therapy. It may be a massage therapist, a chiropractor, a physiotherapist, or maybe you’ll get expensive orthotics for your fallen arches and achy feet? And if you pay attention to what your body is telling you early on, then these methods of pain management may help you by treating and teaching you better ways to sit, kneel, stand, and sleep in order to prevent putting additional pressure on your spine. Often as part of the regime, therapists will introduce such practices as yoga and exercise routines along with suggestions as to which mattresses would work best for you; what brands of shoes would offer the best support and so on.

So, what’s next? Well, then we fall in love with the therapy because that makes us feel SO good! Seriously, I can’t count the number of times I have secretly wished that my partner was a massage therapist – how amazing would that be? Or if I was a celebrity and could afford my own personal massage therapist. One can only dream. But it’s only a dream. You need to take care of YOU. And the sooner you start; the healthier you will be. Listen to your body when it’s in pain. Make conscious efforts to improve your sitting and standing posture – and take breaks.

At Vigurus Technologies, we work hand-in-hand with many therapists through our Affiliate program to empower them to help you more. We provide simple meaningful solutions to add to their patient toolboxes for improved sitting, kneeling, and standing that will reduce pressure and discomfort, while improving posture and circulation.

We offer great forms of “Preventative Maintenance” for your self-care that put you in a position of less stress when you sit or stand and move to perform tasks; especially important to reducing the risk of “repetitive stress” injury. Our products enhance your brain-body communication by stimulating your “somatosensory” system (that part of the sensory system concerned with the conscious perception of touch, pressure, pain, temperature, position, movement, and vibration, which arise from the muscles, joints, skin, and fascia).

SP1KE cushions and mats are very affordable and provide simple and comforting ways of improving blood/oxygen flow, balance, energy and alertness while going about your daily life anywhere, anytime.

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