Basic Pillars of a Healthy Lifestyle

As you progress through life, it seems that the older you get the more you focus on health as you realize that to live a full and pain free life that celebrates good mobility and a positive attitude, you need to pay attention to what fuels good health.

It’s reasonable to say that most people are familiar with the basics of how to live a fairly “healthy” lifestyle. Things like “eating fruits & vegetables”, “exercising”, “reducing stress”, “avoiding alcohol, caffeine and smoking” and “maintaining an ideal weight” are all no-brainers for the majority of the population when taking control of their health! But in recent years, we have learned that maybe those behaviours are just the tip of the iceberg – the “common sense” fundamentals that we ALL know will bring us to a healthier state. Doing the opposite when it comes to eating, exercising, stress, smoking, alcohol, or coffee consumption, and gaining weight can lead to serious conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, kidney, heart and lung disease, stroke, emphysema, osteoarthritis and even cancer.

We now recognize that nurturing and exercising our body has equal importance to maintaining a healthy state of mind, and that the physical and emotional elements work together to achieve the balance and harmony that leads to a better life. That fitness harmony is achieved by doing various exercises that make our bodies stronger and sooth our soul. So, think of aerobic exercise like running on a treadmill vs. yoga/meditation. Both will make you healthier but in different ways.

Moving further down the cycle of what greatly contributes to overall health and well-being are things like having a nurturing partner, friends, family, and colleagues that care about you, or a beloved pet, and maintaining a cheery and positive attitude that uplifts you and those around you. These are the things that essentially complete you as you age and bring a deeper sense of joy and happiness to your very existence.

But there are oth

er things that people don’t readily think of that are critical to maintaining good health, and often these are things they only become aware when the pain becomes unbearable, and medication or even worse, surgery is the only answer.

yoga feet on vigurus mat


Here are just a few examples of some very unhealthy things people do that many do not realize can have significant negative impact on their health – “standing or sitting in the same place for long periods”; “wearing shoes that don’t fit properly; too big, t

oo small, or constrict the natural shape and movement of your foot” throwing off your balance, posture, and gait. And even among those who know that they are puttin

g their bodies in compromising and fatiguing positions for too long, they may not be aware that there are some simple and affordable solutions that will greatly improve their situation.

Let’s break down why sitting is considered a chronic disease; some say that “sitting is the new smoking” – it sounds awful, but it’s meant to be taken seriously! Most people spend at least half of the day sitting. The truth is – if you sit or stand for long periods, your body is going to hurt! And the more you sit or stand, the MORE it hurts and the longer it hurts resulting in the effect of diminishing the value of all the other things you ARE doing well to stay healthy!

So, let’s have a look at why that happens. Two closely related aspects of health that seems to be often overlooked are blood circulation and oxygen profusion. People don’t typically understand in depth how those processes work, even though we all likely took a class in high school biology on how the circulatory system works, so we know that blood is red when it has oxygen and blue when it is returning to the heart for more oxygen – remember? While you are sitting and blood flows to your extremities (hands, feet) is significantly restricted, your arteries narrow, you may feel cold, numbness, tingling, throbbing, cramping, muscle lethargy and eventually – pain. If you are a man…. you may not be able to uhm “perform”. The longer you stay in a position that sacrifices optimal blood circulation, the more numbness and pain you experience. That IS a fact. Poor circulation can lead to a number of very serious illnesses over time like diabetes, heart conditions, and serious vascular conditions like Peripheral Artery Disease.

The next question you may ask yourself is – what can I do to improve blood circulation when sitting or standing for long periods of time? And maybe your curious – Can a surface like SP1KE actually improve blood circulation, and if so, how?

Understanding that this IS your first exposure to SP1KE Tips & Mesh technology we will start with a simple explanation. We will have LOTS more to say about it in upcoming Blogs on our website!

At Vigurus we suggest using SP1KE surfaces for any part of your body, anytime, anywhere as a tool for better health; to comfort, support and to “activate” or stimulate your body; to turn on the flow of blood and oxygen. Think of your body without movement like you cell phone just sitting there with power off. It’s not sending or receiving any signals. You activate it by turning the power on, and when it lights up it comes alive; data starts to flow though the messages you receive and send. Each time you touch the screen energy flows and you stimulate a response from the phone. Your body without stimulation loses circulation and needs to be “turned back on” to get the blood flowing through your arteries and veins. Those hundreds of Sp1ke tips are like gentle finger tapping on the phone screen, continuously sending little messages to your body that it responds to subconsciously. That keeps the power on and the energy flowing through you nerve and blood circulation systems.

For people who sit or stand for long periods of time Sp1keTM provides relief from foot, leg, hip, back and neck pain while notably improving mobility, muscle training, body control, posture and neurovascular circulation through gentle & continuous massage that promotes blood and oxygen circulation.

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